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Wow! Just Wow! I have started the 3rd script and I am bursting with excitement. Tons of history and I am truly happy with how the story is playing out. I cannot say that it follows precisely the books. The books were written as an outline. They keep me on track. But, the scripts are an adaption, and enhances the storylines further.

I hadn’t thought about writing the 3rd script today. But God had other plans. I just felt I needed to get it started and He showed me where. Then, it is evolving from there. With the series, I only need to have 50 pages per episode. I have to make sure that I am keeping up with the storylines. But not in a rush. I have watched a few movies where things jump around so fast that people do not have time to truly digest what is going on. I feel we need to marinate in what we are bringing to the screen. We are bringing up controversial issues and that is ok. People will not always agree with our story – as it is definitely not Politically Correct. It is rather, Patriotically Correct. America needs to go back to her roots and Summer Ray is doing just that. We might be called all kinds of names that I will not type here. But, our responsiblity is to God – not to man! We cannot try to please people – as there will always be some crowds that we will clash with. So, we just do our best to please God! Summer Ray is being made right in the middle of an American war zone. But, it won’t deter us. We will keep moving forward and we will keep praying that our story touches the hearts of the American people, in such a way that we can help people remember it’s founding; a founding that was entrenched, built and firmly established on God.

It is not up to us the results. It is up to us, to bring the absolute best product to the viewers.¬† I cannot control what people will think. I can only make sure that I am giving my all, into making sure that the Summer Ray Franchise, is truly – a masterpiece of art that I know God will approve of. If He approves, then I have done my job and “well done,” at that. I cannot be like Cain who didn’t give God his best. Some people complain that this is taking too long. But, we can only go at the pace God allows and provisions are made. But, it doesn’t cost me extra to sit at my computer and write the scripts. It may cost the cable bill. But, it doesn’t cost extra business money. So, I can do what I am able to do, and expect that God will do what I can’t. When I see things like this new script, I know that God is up to something amazing. Truly, I am excited and I cannot wait to see where the 3rd script takes us.

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