Credit Photo Library of Congress

This photo is one of my favorites of General George Washington crossing the Delaware River. In fact, my most loved quote is from this era by  Colonel Henry Knox of the Continental Army. He stated:

“Perseverance accomplished what at first seemed impossible.”

Many times I have looked on this film project as impossible. But according to the Bible, “All things are possible to those who believe.” I believe this is possible, but it takes perseverence to accomplish it. God did not say this was going to be easy. He said it is possible, if I believe it can happen. See, nothing is too hard for God. He can do it. But this project, He entrusted in to my hands. So, we are working together to bring it to pass. If I didn’t do the work, it wouldn’t get done. If I stopped believing in it and in His ability to provide what is needed, all would be lost; (except for the books) because they are already written. But raising millions of dollars takes a whole lot more faith than just writing. Still, I believe that God has the funds somewhere. He is the CEO of the project. I am the Assistant CEO. He is the Boss and I must submit myself to His way of doing things. I have 100% trust that this film project will be fully funded. I have no doubt about this.

What I have at times is impatience. But, His ways are always best. Had I been funded last year, or even last week, I wouldn’t have the missing pieces that I have now and the film might not have been what it needed to be. I have the understanding of what God’s heart is in this and what He wants shown. He didn’t give me the pieces all at once, but He rarely does with anything He shows or gives us. It’s been a process. It doesn’t mean that Part II will be as hard, because I do not think it will be. It just means this first film, the foundation had to be laid according to God’s design. Faulty wires can cause immense damage and we want, is to bring life, hope and encouragement to our viewers. Plus, we are helping history to survive the future. As a Patriot, I cannot help but to add politics. Not that I like politics because I don’t. But, I love our Government and I love its history too. Our perseverance, combined with our belief that all things are possible, we too will cross our Delaware, and make it to the other side to the first of many premieres!

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