I am very happy that I stepped back from social media…but not my websites. I am still working. I just needed a break from the overwhelming posts. Many of those posts are toxic. And it was the toxicity that I needed to step away from. Something toxic is posion. This can enter into our own lives and we then can become infliltrated with it. Most humans do not want to see cruel photos. I was not in a good place. The constant unethical practices in Congress, to the abortion issue. I was caught up in the web of evil and I needed to just back off from it. I started a new book even as I have been able to clear my mind. I also think I overdid it when I started a new training program with different exercises. I basically crashed! My body was overused and it felt like I couldn’t move. Thankfully, I am doing much better and I am working again. I am just not devoting so much of my time to Facebook or other social media platforms. I simply get too caught up in the whirlwind of it all and I have to better manage my time. It doesn’t mean I won’t go back to it. I just have to learn how to not have it overtake my life.

The film part of my work is doing great. I am just adding some of the finishing touches on the first script. But, even with this, I had to step back and then take a breather from it. My brain was overloaded with so many different issues going on at the same time! A lot of time with electronics or the cable modem…sometimes things cause it to go offline, or it becomes stuck and these things have to be reset. This is what I am doing. I am resetting myself and learning how to not allow so much junk into my life. I have to focus more of my attention of what God wants and not what people want. I know God has His hands on the film project. So, it isn’t something that I need to spend time stressing over. He will move it along at His pace. I am working on me and getting myself in a much better frame of mind. I need to be stable and have clear thoughts. Soon our film is going to take off and I need to be ready. I can’t fly this plane if I am out of fuel! Taking time to get refueled!!!


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