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It took Thomas Edison approximately 3,000 tries before he invented the light bulb. What would have happened if he had given up? The light bulb affects our everyday way of life. It gives us light in darkness and, like this picture, it warns us of dangerous things ahead. I think of Summer Ray as a lighthouse. Our goal is to warn people of dangerous things ahead and steer them towards safety. Many are caught in the storms of depression, loss, injury, PTSD, and are tormented by Satan’s demonic assistants. Our American history is being erased; while our heroic American Vets sit in hospitals and some are waiting to be treated because they are denied much needed health care; and dying homeless on the streets, alone! Babies are being horrifically executed because, you know, it is a woman’s right to kill a baby – even full term babies who can actually live and breathe outside of their mothers wombs. Congress holds people within its walls, who hate Israel and Christianity. We say we will not forget 911, but allow people who are anti-Semitic into our Capitol. So, not only do humans need to be redeemed spiritually, by our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ, America needs to be redeemed as well.

Perhaps that is why Father God had me change the title of the digital/film series to Summer Ray The Redemption. There will be episodes with the same title, just different parts. I feel this is the way to go because it will allow us to not short cut the series. Summer Ray is filled with Biblical affirmations as well as American History. It defines the real battle between good and evil. It shows the depth of despair and the beauty of redemption, in ways I have not seen before either on TV or in the theater. I have changed the book covers on the series so many times, I have lost count. But, I had to get it right. I changed the script so many times, I lost count too. But, I also had to get that right as well. Our trailer was done approximately 7 or 8 times and it was never as good as it needed to be. But God kept leading me as I searched to do better. Without fail, He always led me to the right place at the right time, for the answers I needed to make things professional. If you stop at mediocre and ordinary that is what you will end up producing. There is a whole lot of ordinary out there. We want to be extraordinary! Why? Go back and read the first paragraph.

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