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Wow! It is for certain last year’s wow’s are this year’s, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” I really thought last years, “Wow’s,” were totally awesome and I was pretty darn proud of it. It seems like, I have been getting to the top of something, thinking I have done a great job, only to find my great can be greater. I then find myself revamping what I thought was finished. Nope! I was only adding layers after layers. The painting wasn’t finished, it was just drying. I learned this through my artist friend, Lori. Before she could add another layer, the layer she just painted had to dry. A lot of what we have been doing here at Summer Ray has had to dry. Now, it is time to start adding more layers.

Yes! This can be exhausting. But, we simply cannot be shortsighted and fail at giving our best. Fatigue causes some of us to just stop, before the greater can be achieved. I don’t want to fall short. I feel like the Disciples who were fishing all night and caught nothing. The Bible says they, “toiled all night.” Toiled is defined as – work extremely hard, labor, working one’s fingers to the bone. There is this continual stress and exertion. These guys caught nothing, no matter how hard they worked and how much effort they put into it. This was their trade. They knew how to fish. But for some reason, on this night, they caught nothing and were physically exhausted come morning. Jesus shows up and tells them to cast their net into the deep for a catch. Peter was like, “Lord we have been out here all night and have caught nothing.” BUT and this is one of those huge and extremely important BUT’S….he then said, nevertheless at “Thy Word, we will let down our nets.” He knew Jesus.

For me, and anyone who knows me, knows I have toiled all night and so far have caught nothing too. I haven’t caught the film funding yet, nor have I reached the people I have wanted to reach. I haven’t even been paid for all of this hard work. I have toiled all night and have caught nothing. It is morning and I am simply worn out. I feel like Peter, ready to quit, not understanding the lack of haul and I am tired. People are counting on me and I feel they are being let down. As Jesus stands before me, He is saying to me, “Try again. Launch out into the deep for a catch.” When Peter did as instructed, they caught so many fish their nets began to break and their boats started to sink. They had to get other boats to help them. This is the kind of haul I am believing God for. I want those fish to be the people we reach with God’s Word. Yes! I also want to be paid for my hard work, and those who are making this possible. But, truly, our hearts are to be “fishers of men.” So, at His Word, I am letting our nets down again. We are launching out into the deep, going deeper than where we have been and what we have been doing. The layers are dry and we can now start to add the finishing touches. Our nets are about to break as we go out and try again!

WooHoo…to God be the glory! I just got excited!!! Let’s do this.

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