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I am working on finishing the 6th book in the Summer Ray series, The Other Side of Time. The following is an excerpt. The title is incredibly fitting because America’s founding, seems like it is actually on the other side of time compared to where we are now.

“Over 200 years ago, before each member of Congress took his seat, they made the following declaration:

I do believe in one God, the creator and governor of the universe, the rewarder to the good and the punisher of the wicked.”

When I first began to write the books, I had no idea the political turn it would take throughout the series. Before each member of Congress took his seat, he declared that he believed in One God. Now it has become acceptable to use the Quran to be sworn in with. Quite frankly, it is not. We now have people in Congress who hate Israel, the Jewish community in America as well as Christians. This belief goes against the very fiber this country was founded on. Liberal America has steered so far left that it seems as if it will be impossible to ever get her back on the right course. But, I trust God and I believe He is able. He kicked Satan out of Heaven when he tried to overthrow God, He is also able to throw those out of office who will try to overthrow the American government.

Summer Ray is invaluable to preserving the true beliefs this country was founded on. I will continue to do my part, to ensure this country doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. I believe in the power of prayer and the use of the mediums of art and entertainment, to tell a story that can impact millions of lives. I never intended for Summer Ray to be governmental. It just sort of wrote itself and politics became part of the storylines. With God’s help and guidance, I believe in the impact these films will have, to help steer this country back to where it needs to be. Though we cannot do it all, we can as previously stated, do our part. We will do our part!


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