I remember my reaction to seeing this picture with the sunrays shining on our banner.  God was approving of our film and He was letting me know. It was a glorious day! We didn’t always have days like the picture above. There were times of hard physical, mental and emotional work. But, work on this project for 9 and a 1/2 years was labored in the wilderness. Wilderness is defined as: “desert, abandoned wasteland, not inhabited.” Desert is an interesting word because it is defined as: “to run away, abandon, turn one’s back on, dry, barren, empty, parched and desolate.” People have turned their back on this project; they have run away and abandoned it; and I have felt many times as if I was parched from not enough water (funds) to keep me going. I was isolated, but I kept going. I was called all kinds of names, but I kept going. There was something inside me that did not allow me to quit. I had conviction. I had a firm belief that the Summer Ray book series was meant to be a Summer Ray film series. The desert and the wilderness are awful places to have to pass through. But, they can also test ones true desire. Many times I could have turned my back on the project, but that would have been me turning my back on what God told me to do. Crawling with sand in my mouth and the hot sun blazing overhead, I know what it is like to feel so broken, but yet feel so empowered at the same time.

I have my blogs and other books I have written that have logged my experiences. If I can help people through their own wildernesses to their own promise lands, what a joy that will be. Isn’t that part of the process, to eventually be able to help others? If my dreams coming true, can help your dreams come true that my friend makes it all worth it!!!

We are coming out of the wilderness of pre-production, to the promise land of production and all the way to distribution! God is faithful my friends. He truly is!





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