red apples

One of my favorite sayings is, “Go out on a limb because that is where the fruit is.” But far too often, we are afraid to climb the tree and climb out onto those branches for fear we might fall. Grant it, it would be painful to fall out of a tree. However, positive thinking would reenforce how amazing it will be to grab onto the fruit. But, going out on a limb requires us to be vulnerable – as previously stated;  we could fall or we could be open to attack (from outsiders); we could feel defenseless because of the unknown of climbing onto something that could break. It is a risk. It is scary and at times, it could be dangerous. But, what is even more scary and dangerous, is to sit back wishing we could be brave enough to climb that tree of success and reach for a dream to come true. Well, it isn’t going to happen if you just sit there on the ground staring up at the fruit. You have to want it bad enough to go after it. Sure, there are risks involved. But, if it were easy everyone would do it and the value of your dream would be just as low as the next person’s. Is that what you want?

Seeing the Summer Ray book series turned into a film series, I am willing to climb the trees and crawl out onto the branches and grab on to my dream. I know I am not alone. Jesus is the trunk or as the Bible calls Him, “the Vine!” He is strong enough to hold me and He knows exactly where the fruit is. He isn’t about to let me go after rotten fruit. I can trust in His love for me and for those He wants to bless because of this project. He isn’t about to let me fail. If I fall, He will catch me. If I get bruised, He will heal me. If I need funds to move forward, He will provide it. But, sitting on the ground wishing I could move forward isn’t going to get me any where. If I continue to sit, I will make no progress tomorrow. I will be in the exact same spot I am in right now. That is a scary revelation and I am not about to stay put!

So, here I go – I am crawling out on those branches! When we start production and when the film is released, it will be because I chose to have the guts to do something about what I wanted. Will you?




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