Lately, God has been talking to me about turtles. Most of us know the story about the “Turtoise and the Hare.” Slow and steady the tortoise crawled, along his merry way to victory. This project has seemed like a very long road that we have traveled and we are still waiting to cross over to Production.

Due to road detours, we had to take a different route to get where we needed to be. We sat at a “Stop” sign, from a flagger, for about 5 minutes and I was growing increasingly impatient. So, we turned around and avoided the construction. By doing this, we came to a turtle crossing the road we were on. I always heard that if you pick up a turtle, always point him in the direction he is facing and bring him to the other side to safety. When I saw Jason lift the turtle, I instantly felt the Lord told me that He is also lifting us up from the road and He is carrying us (faster) to Production. My insides lept. One lift from God can get us anywhere in a heartbeat. 

At this moment, I am actually sending out a Marketing/Fundraising Package. It took six months to get this completed and to know what to put in it. At this point, we need funding to move us into Production. Wow! I cannot wait to see what God does next as He is lifting us to fast forward. That turtle didn’t have to finish crossing the road alone and at a turtle crawl. He had accelerated help and so do we!




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