As the days are passing by, I am becoming increasingly more excited about the Summer Ray book and film series. Having more of the pieces, Wow! I am in awe of God and His unending creative ability to put things together. I had no idea how the story was going to build a few years ago. The first screenplay had scenes that were not found in the first book. But, I felt compelled to write it anyway. I knew God had His reasons. This is truly turning out to be an epic adventure. It has become like a time capsule with the books hidden in the films. You don’t ever see that. So, we are definitely unique. The ending of the 6th book, is sure to create a scene (in itself)  with those who follow along in the series! Even reading the book, will only give a glimpse. The films will add what the books do not! So much adventure for the whole family to love!!!



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