I am happy to announce I started writing again on Volume 6. I started this book in 2015 and I did not think I was ever going to finish it. What is so freaky is that this book ties into the first screenplay. I wrote some of the opening scene into this book that wasn’t in the first book. So, in the grand scheme of things, it all makes sense now. This cover gives me chills just by looking at it. General Lee is riding off into the other side of time. We must keep history alive, regardless of what the Left’s try to do. Those of us who can, will preserve our American History one way or another. It is our duty to the following generations.

As the first release of our first pitch poster draws near, I am even more convinced this story needs to become a film series as well. It’s universal element is redemption. It is why I changed the film title to “Summer Ray – The Redemption.” It will have Part I – Part ? I do not know how many films there will be, but at least 9 or 10. It’s exciting to see this begin to take shape. I am excited for all of the new jobs we will create and the many friends we will meet along the way. In every city we go to, I plan to bring at least 100 care packages to distribute to the poor. We simply cannot pass them by, without giving them something of love. That is what this story is all about, love! God’s love. So, we will be distributors of God’s love too.

Onward! Juliana


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