19648417948_8073590383_h I have come a long way since this whole book and film series began (over nine years ago). I look back and I have completed an astonishing amount of work. Lately, I have been exhausted. It’s not just a physical exhaustion, but one of mental fatigue. There are things I know that should be done, but I am just not able to do it. Then…a lightbulb went on! There are things I am simply not meant to do! Period. The things I am meant to do come with diligence and I do them. But, when I stuggle day after day to force myself to work on something and it still hasn’t been touched, it is time to take notice and stop my insanity. God has since showed me that I am not meant to carry this burden alone. Just because I wrote it, doesn’t mean I have to do everything else that goes along with this project. I would burn myself completely out. I am half way there already. So, I am looking for those God has appointed to be a part of this project. But, it starts first with me. I need an Executive Assistant but one who will double as a Personal Assistant as well. I need a Marketing Manager, someone who will promote the series and me at the same time. Why am I trying to do this all myself? God is quite able to provide the funds, to hire these extremely important team members. So, that is what I am going to do! I am going to remove the burden from off my shoulders as it is starting to get too heavy for me to carry alone. I am going to concentrate on what I need to be doing and cast the rest over onto God. He knows the people I need. He will provide what I need to pay for what they need. Summer Ray is going to create revenue for a whole lot of people and businesses. I am proud of that. We will help the communities in more ways than one. I am ready to delegate work that needs to be done to other capable and inspiring people. Lift the burdens from off my shoulders, and please help me to place them into the hands of amazing helpers! Thank You, Lord! Some of this has been a total lack of trust on my part. I felt I had to do it all. But, I know I can trust Father God. So, this is what I am going to do! I am just doing me and no longer someone else. It is time for the changing of the guards…for real! Hallelujah…I finally got it!

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