Wow! It has been an unusually warm winter here in Gettysburg. I have been busy working at the ski resort’s ice rink. But now that the season has basically come to an end, I can get back to full time work on the film. It was a nice break, which are sometimes very much needed. Still, I will miss all of the great people I worked with and met. I will miss the sun shining down on my face as I skated outside. It was truly a gift from God…!

I have no idea where the funding will come from or exactly how this film will be made. But, God knows and that takes a ton of pressure off of me. Sometimes we have to take a step back, or side step or just sit still, until we have the right direction in which to go. I am always walking through open doors; studying more on filmmaking; staying in constant touch with our Fiscal Sponsor and looking for ways to improve myself and my work. This is clearly a step by step process and it can be as slow as an inch by inch turtle crawl. It can get very discouraging if one is not focused on the end result. For me, it is the Academy Awards and seeing my cast and crew win Oscars, among other awards. This film series has this kind of potential. So, I keep on keeping on and I will continue to do so. I have complete confidence that God will show me all that I need to do. Right now, I am working on the proposals to give to investors and those who give out grants. We are so close and not far from Production.

I cannot honestly say how much I will be involved in the production. I have the next screenplay to get written. I just do not have that conviction yet as to what I will be doing, once the funding and all of the other pieces of this puzzle are in place. I am one piece of the puzzle. The Director or Producer are other pieces. The actors and extras all have a particular piece with their names on them as well. After working so hard on putting a puzzle together, if there are holes, it is still not finished. Even puzzle pieces that we try to cram into spot that they don’t belong in, does not finish the puzzle. We have to have the patience and the fortitude to persevere until the very last puzzle piece is put in place. Then we can all sit back at the premiere, with a big smile on ALL OF OUR faces, knowing it is a job well done as we have made an extremely successful film TOGETHER!

It is exciting to me, to be able to share all of this. It is a gift from God to be able to do what I love to do. We will let our light so shine as we strive to “Light the World” and make it a better place!





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