Things in this world and in life are ever changing. But the one thing I can count on, is that God is still the same. He doesn’t change. Who He was at the beginning of time, is the way He is today and who He will be tomorrow.

The times are changing, and some of its progression is not beneficial to our historical landmarks and ancestors. But, not only that, it is also quite detrimental to the future generations who are trying to understand history. Who I was in regard to this film and how I see its progression, changes every so often and it’s because of the times we are living in. When I first started writing the Summer Ray book series, it was unheard of to remove the Confederate Battle Flag or the ancient landmarks of the Confederate statues. Yet, eight years later, it is now a common thing.

My Confederate ancestors fought for their country, the same as the Yankee’s fought for theirs. There will never be men braver than those Confederate Soldiers who faced certain death, while marching across the open fields of Gettysburg, during Pickett’s Charge. Perhaps it is the reason I was sent to Gettysburg, to somehow through the use of the written word and via the visual medium of the big screen, to preserve history from such a time as this. I have seen many people come and go while working on this project. I have been disappointed deeply in those who were once committed and then quit. But, I still marched on. It is not only for myself that I continue on. But for these brave soldiers of Civil War and for those who fought so hard for equality during the Civil Rights Movement. I have to remind myself as to why I started this project in the first place. I have to go back to my first loves of the history, I am so engrossed in. Sometimes we have to go back to the beginning, to get a clearer understanding of the future. I don’t want this project to just be another Hollywood thrill. This particular series has many different messages embedded within its storylines that simply cannot be overlooked. The soldiers of these battlefields have voices that are still crying out and those voices deserve to be heard. It’s one of the reasons why I do what I do. I don’t have to be liked in the process. In fact, I am greatly misunderstood. But, my self worth is not in other peoples opinions. I have a job to do and I am doing it.

I feel that my duty to God and country, is not to be fighting giants overseas as so many of our brave American Soldiers have done, are doing and will continue to do in the days ahead. But my duty to my God and my country, are to use the tools He has given me, to somehow bring healing and unity to this land. It is also to raise awareness of the endless posibilities that every individual can obtain, if they have courage enough to have the faith that all things are possible to those who believe.

I have gone back and forth with what seems a million times in how the script is to be laid out. Though I believe it is a great script, I am convinced it needs to be adapted to how the soldiers would see the world today, if they were still alive. Or at the very least, be able to come back and view it just one last time. How would they feel?  I trust God explicitly. But He sees things as a whole, where I only see them in part. He sees the finished product of the first film and how it will pull on the heart strings of those who watch it. If we can compell the world to have hope; or to see things through a different set of eye that causes a move towards a better way of thinking; or perhaps help to stop suicide in its tracks; and even preserve the history that is in such horrific danger of being wiped out, then we have done our job. Because it isn’t until the impact is felt, seen and heard around the world can we, in good conscience, say we are successful.

Regardless of the politically correct policies that are in oppostion of our project, we are marching on. I have no doubt that once I have the message right, the funding will be there. So, it is back to the writing board for me, at least for just a little while. I am ever wanting to present the messages of hope and those of historical preservation, in such a way that they will influence the viewer to an astonishing and powerful light that sparks in them an everlasting love of who they are and where they came from. We cannot be ashamed of history. We must preserve it for future generations. I am looking for those, and only those, who are just as committed to the preservation of our history as I am. Who will help me carry these messages to the big screen, in great admiration, while answering the cries of our fellow man whether past, present or future!


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