adam7 If I sound desperate, it is because I am. I am desperate to reach a very dark world with hope, light, inspiration and love. People just need to know there is a better way than giving up. I cannot help those who have already committed suicide. But some are standing at the edge of the cliff in their own lives and ready to jump off and end it. My heart hurts for them. Why? Because I used to be one of them. I used to just want to end it all in hopes that I would not have to wake up to one more senseless day of pain. I didn’t ask to get injured. It just happened. That was over 20 years ago and I am alive today to tell the story of how I overcame those tragic times.

Quite a few of our scenes are based on real life historical events. While other scenes are based on real life personal events. Summer is a Christian. But she struggles with her faith, like most of us do who follow the Lord. Real Christianity is about war. There are spiritual battles going on all around her and Woeburn demands Summer’s soul. She has to find the strength within her own faith, to overcome the road blocks he places before her. Some of those obstacles are heart wrenching and tragic. The war in Summer’s own heart is learning how to trust that God will use it all for her good. She has to fight to not give up or choose to take her own life. How many people have tragically ended their lives when the answer was just right around the next bend, or over the next hill? We are working diligently to bring this series to the big screen, in hopes that we can save those who are in desperate need of encouragement. Our goal is to “Light the World,” and with your continued support of our project we will do just that.



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Summer Ray does not have all the answers. But this book and film series has real human events that have the potential to turn someone back from the brink of despair. This is the foundation of why I wrote the story in the first place. Indeed I am desperate and in extreme need of whatever assistance you could provide. I do not care if I sound over the top foolish. I care about those this book and film series can help. I am in anguish over the current state of our world today, as most assuredly you are too. By supporting this book and film project, in whatever way you can, you will be helping us at Everwood Entities make a huge impact, on those who are also desperate but in a different way. They have lost hope. It is my job to help them find it again.

Together… we CAN make a difference in the lives of others.

Every Life Matters as our blood all bleeds the same color!

Thank You!


Juliana Love

Author/Screenplay Writer

Summer Ray Series


“This Fair and Blighted Land” is the beginning of a fascinating series that follows Summer Ray and Col. McDaniels in their individual struggles to find peace and healing from the past.  The author skillfully intertwines the two stories as she blends the present with the past, the physical with the spiritual.  In a culture where ghost stories are multiplying exponentially, this book stands alone, bringing together angels, demons, and ghostly Unknown soldiers in a story of evil and good, unbearable pain, timeless bitterness, and ultimate redemption.  Through it all, Summer clings to her faith in her ever-loving God, but she can never imagine how the twists and turns of her future will shape her and the future of Gettysburg.  This book is easy to start but impossible to put down, and it will leave you longing for the next chapter, the next book, right up to the final climax.







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