Team Player! I have started a new job working at a local BnB and it has helped in more ways that just financial. I see how things run smoothly because people there are team players. I read an article by the College Reqruiter about 10 Qualities of an Excellent Team Player! 1). Show genuine commitment … More THE SAME GOAL!


Just recently, I added an upgrade to what I thought was already an upgrade. It was, just from the previous upgrade! Here is my point. The picture on the left is the first one with the new painted cover. Stunning! Then I had the covers professionally reviewed, and we finally decided to go with the … More UPGRADE THE UPGRADE!


My heart in all of this Indie filmmaking process, is to also help other Indie filmmakers in the process as well. Eventually, once I reach the 365 blogs mark, I am going to put them all in a book. I journal what I do for this very purpose. But it will also be neat to go … More THE FINISH LINE!