It isn’t very often that I actually sit quietly and rest my thoughts, so that I can hear God better. But I do know when He is impressing something inside of me, to the point I must get quiet, so that He can download His plan. Due to the Coronavirus, the world (for whatever reason … More AMERICA’S STORY!


Busy life and not all of it is due to Summer Ray. But when I have to travel back to SR, sometimes I just don’t feel like it. Yes! I just said that. Cold winter days around here, have been pretty drab – lacking brightness or interest; drearily dull. (Woohoo for or I would … More GOD’S PURPOSE!


Photo by cottonbro on In the world of Figure Skating, teenage girls and women, are working on quads. This is something that only men used to do. I am not against females accomplishing such an amazingĀ  feat because of the amount of training this takes. But to lose the artistry, grace and elegance for … More BACK BURNER!


I am sitting here looking out my office window in Gettysburg. It is cold and somewhat dreary, kind of like my mood. Things appear to be lifeless, dull and almost depressing. But, thankfully this is not the whole truth. Why do I say that? Because at any minute the sun can shine and the temps … More GOD’S PROJECT