Wow! April 15th was my last blog. There has been a lot going on with me health wise and we had to crack down on getting the script and the Proof of Concept video ( ready for film festivals. Plus I had to update our FilmFreeway profile ( We changed the title of the film/TV series to The Memoirs of Summer Ray also, and that meant a lot of work making sure everything else was consistent and matched the new name. But do you go the extra mile to make things professional, or do you just let things be sloppy? Well, no investor will take any one of us seriously, if we are sloppy! It is defined as, “careless and unsystematic; excessively casual.” Okay! I am going to get a little political. John Fetterman – there is a time and a place for casual dress, and it is not on the House floor. Wearing shorts and a hoodie, while others are in three piece suits, is unacceptable. It is unsystematic – “not done or acting according to a fixed plan or system; unmethodical, disorganized, muddled, jumbled, mixed up.” John Fetterman, there is a lack of respect on your part, for the position in which you hold. No one can take you seriously. Your lack of honor to the country you are in service of, is revolting! You cannot blame your health issues on your appearance either. It is just plain laziness. I am sure you have aides that can help get you dressed if you need it. Presentation is immensely important!!!


Carole Dean our fiscal sponsor of From the Heart Productions ( did a podcast with Gary. I immediately bought the book. I buy most of the books she recommends because she is an expert in film funding, and she also brings top notch people on her shows too. I listen! I study! Why? Because I want to bring the best of me into this industry as well. Why? Because I want to reach the world with Summer Ray. I can’t do that if I am mediocre at what I do, or what we do as a film company.

I respect those who donate, and those investors that will help to fund this project way too much, to waste their time and hard earned money. To not be ready to pitch to an investor, after he or she has allotted time to hear about our project, is an absolute insult. It also can ruin the reputation of our film, to the point, where no one would want to work with us. But could you blame them? Here in America, we have lost something of great value and that is manners that some do not wish to have. I do not understand why it has become such a crime to say, “Please,” and “Thank you!” Or why going the extra mile – “to do more than what is required to do,” has become such an unrealistic thing. We must take pride in our work. We must be willing to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Excellence is what I strive for and let me tell you, it is exhausting. Deadlines suck! Having to shut myself off from the outside world to finish a book, sucks! I am not going to lie and tell you it is all fun and games. No! It is at times very painful, mentally and physically and it is extremely demanding. There is a ton of pressure on me to get it right. But with hard work, comes great reward! I call myself a “Christian.” Should Christians do sloppy work? Are we not called to a higher standard?

Excellence equals no excuses!

It might take longer to achieve. But what choice do we have?

The only other one is to quit and that isn’t going to happen, not now – not ever!

Do or do not. There is not try.” Yoda

Thank you for being a part of our Summer Ray world.


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