Over the years, I have had a lot of interest in Summer Ray. Yet, most of that interest was to gain access to try and take the story away from me, and/or alter the story altogether! All to which, I refused. Summer Ray has a God given purpose. https://thememoirsofsummerray.com/2022/08/21/gods-purpose-for-summer-ray/.


Possessing deep passion in helping others in need and lifting them up from the sorrows of despair and darkness.

To bring authentic, wholesome faith-based books and films to the world; by promoting truth, love and humanitarianism.

To effectively expose the “unfruitful works of darkness” by shining the light of the gospel courageously, boldly and without denominational religion.

To be strongly driven by the needs of the lost and be compelled into action, in a manner that protects human dignity.

To maintain a manner of excellence, by keeping core values of human welfare, social goodness, kindness and benevolence; through storylines pertaining to fiction and nonfiction as well.

The above, is the heart and soul of Summer Ray, and to have others come in to change the story to suit their own agendas, would crush the integrity of why we do what we do. I am no longer seeking investors that will have a right to the creative license of the project. I am seeking donations and people who will buy the first book. We are raising $1,500,000’s God’s way. If you would like to donate to our tax deductible fundraiser, please click on the red, “Donate” button. We have some really great perks that we know you will love!

If you would like to just order volume 1 of the Summer Ray Series, please visit: https://www.amazon.com/Summer-Ray-This-Fair-Blighted/dp/1469966166/. I will be doing a book tour as well, and will post details as soon as I have them.

Martin Luther King Jr., once stated:

Only when it is dark enough can you see the stars.”

When I walk my dog at 5:00AM, I look up and see these brilliant bright stars. Our world has become increasingly dark. My prayer, is that God will use Summer Ray to help light the world; to be one of those star’s shining brightly for others, to help guide them to Him. We must expand to a much grander scale, if we ever hope to reach the multitudes. Your help in doing so, is immensely appreciated.


References: goodreads.com

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