Now me wearing a dress, really is news! I should be plastered all over the internet and on T.V. “Juliana Love in a black evening gown.” Oh yeah! That is news for you. I haven’t worn a dress like that in….uhhh let me think! NEVER – well sort of never!  But the day I do, I will save it for my first film premiere. When I walk the red carpet of my own film. It will have to be all shiny like. I love bling and glitter. So, that is something I have to look forward to. I can actually see it and envision it too. And let me tell you, I look amazing!

But more importantly, I am glowing. The reason why, I did not give up on getting there. I am smiling from ear to ear. I am wearing these fancy and expensive earrings. Oh, and my nails, they look so incredibly beautiful. A wonderful hair stylist did my hair and it is perfect. My makeup makes me look and feel so pretty. It is my day to shine and you know it, I do. I really do.

I am so proud of my cast and crew. I can’t stop hugging them. They did an outstanding, amazing, more than I could have ever hope for or ever dreamed of…job. The directors and the producers are all beaming with delight as they know this film series is some of their best work yet. Not to mention the fact, they will make lots and lots of money for it. All in all, it’s a great night at my first premiere. My kids are there, and they are so proud of their disabled momma. They cry right along with me. I look at them, the heart and soul of my dreams and I look up and say, “Thank You God. We did it.”

Yesterday, (July 16th), I was up at the Town Square in Gettysburg – selling my Reflections of Gettysburg photography and promoting Summer Ray. I was with my boyfriend Jason – who is the Lt. Colonel Jameson

and the other photographer, and my good friend Eleanor.

What started out as a beautiful day, turned into a thunderstorm about fifteen minutes after we were set up. Standing underneath the canopy, we tried desperately to save the books and merchandise from getting drenched. One the table was the above book, and the word, “RAINED,” kept popping out at me. I was discouraged to say the least. But I also made sure to keep a smile on my face and to have a positive attitude. I hadn’t read that book in a very long time. I had forgotten what was in it. So, today I read it. I believe what God is showing me, is that it is time for the rain – the impossible to become possible. When Noah was building the Ark – it had NEVER rained before. He was mocked and ridiculed. But he kept on building. This went on for almost 100 years. Can you imagine that? We get upset if we have to wait 100 days. But, seriously! Noah didn’t waver. He built the ark, saved his family, and two of every animal. What and who will be saved by your perseverance in not giving up?

We have turned a corner. The impossible in our Summer Ray world, God is turning to possible. I am excited because I know it is happening. So, to God be the Glory and may our project save a multitude, and as Tim Shields of the Christian Media Association states, may our film make “an eternal difference” (Luke 18:1). Notice the “our?” I can’t do this without you, or without my cast and crew. Our viewers, and readers – Wow! You are why we do what we do.

Thank you for being such an important part of our Summer Ray world. To view the Summer Ray books, please visit:


To view the above book, simply click on the cover. I cannot wait till the premiere of the pilot – A Redemption in Time! It will be glorious!!!

Juliana Love


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