Juliana and Cathy

Stupid Covid! I came down with it a few weeks ago and why I haven’t been back on the ice until today. But a three week break didn’t hurt. I actually came back today and had a great skate. Sometimes breaks are forced on us. I did start Jazzercise again, but still gradually getting back into it. I have learned the hard way not to over work myself.

Cathy is teaching me about lines, posture, balance and continual flow. I am thankful I have a year to get this 2.24 minute program, the absolute best it can be. It is amazing, all of this work for a 2.24 minute program. But, I can’t go out there and film a program that is mediocre. Nope! I promised from day one that we would not cut corners and we certainly are not going to start now.

So far, we have the first 10 seconds to the program. Woohoo! But, both Cathy and I must learn the music. I need to know it as if it is a part of my own being. I have to memorize every beat, every sound, every second, every emotion and every high and low. I have to remember the angles we will be filming and quite possibly, I will perform before a live audience. But once I am skating, it all won’t matter as I will be in the zone of things.

Photo by Magda Ehlers on

Right now, the program looks like the above picture with the puzzle pieces scattered about. But soon, it will start to look like a real Christmas program.


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