Wow! When I got the news that my screenplay “A Redemption in Time” is nominated for “Best Feature Screenplay,” I cannot begin to express the joy I felt. After (and I am trying to give the most accurate timeline), but after close to 7 years of working on it, I finally felt it was indeed ready to be submitted to film festivals. The first time I submitted it a few years ago, it didn’t even make it to the 1/4 finals. But it simply wasn’t ready. It needed a lot of work and that first rejection, forced me to dig deeper. Although this is only a nomination so far, but to me, it is still the confirmation that we all needed. It has brightened our path and has made us feel like, “Yes! We are on the right track!” Years and years of dedication and hard work – is finally starting to pay off. But listen, we never wanted to stop at mediocre. I have said this time and time again. Professionalism and excellence takes time. The pilot, is the foundation in which the rest of the series rests upon. If the foundation is weak, the rest of the story will not hold up. I can honestly say this script is ready. We have the budget completed and truly, we are solid in the structure of what we are building with the Summer Ray Series.

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It is exciting to see where this journey is taking us. It is in God’s hands and I know it can only be good. Thank you for being a part of our Summer Ray world. God bless you!


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