man planting plant
Photo by Binyamin Mellish on Pexels.com

Wow! I have been pretty busy planting Summer Ray seeds – promoting the story by newsletters, brochures, emails, Facebook and other means. I am keeping up with making sure that we are a professional business as well. Burn out is not fun, added with impatience, it becomes a nightmare. We have to remember the farmers. They don’t go out and pull up the seeds they just planted. If they did, we wouldn’t have food. Impatience is defined as – “quickly irritated, easily provoked, restless.” While patient is defined as – “forbearing, uncomplaining, long-suffering, able to accept and tolerate delays.” While film funding seems slow and like it is a snails pace, I still have to trust God’s timing. When things appear to not be moving, I have to remember the seeds planted. I might not be able to see all that is going on out in cyberspace and the world around me, just like I cannot see how plants are growing. But I can still trust that the roots are spreading out and in fact, they are as they say – taking root!  One of the definitions of taking root is, “becoming established.” We are being set up, on a firm and permanent basis; We are acheiving permanent acceptance and recognition; We are bringing about our contacts and communications necessary for our business growth; We are being put in our place in the entertainment industry.  Another good one, is “taking hold.” We are grabbing on to the finished productions and we are not letting go until they are completed.

Sometimes like my office, things have to be rearranged. I outgrew my old one and needed to have two rooms in my house, to make room for the growth. But, in order to do so, I had to make a huge mess. Expansion can be quite disheartening, if we do not understand its path. Things sometimes have to rip, and tear to make room. Think of those seedlings that had to push themselves up through the dirt. I feel this is where we are at with Summer Ray. We have to start to really push ourselves up through the unseed world, and make ourselves known. But it can be a stressful process, putting ourselves out there. Growth is painful at times. It is like tearing up an old road to expand for a new one. But the old has to be ripped up and other things around it have to as well. This causes delay and frustrations, especially if we think it should have been fixed, yesterday! I have to outgrow the comfort of my own office, and get out there to really promote Summer Ray. My comfort zone, for the longest time, has been my shield of rest. I am familiar to my own surroundings and I feel at peace. But, standing in front of people trying to promote the project, not so much! I have to do what is uncomfortable in order to grow this project. Which, truly, is an awesome revelation. It means we are branching out and it is exciting.

I have had to trust what I thought were delays. I have had to know that God knows, the precise timing for the funding, to start coming in at bigger amounts. He knows what I do not. He sees the seeds as they are growing. But He is also weeding out the things and possibly people, He does not want involved. In the meantime, I still maintain my hold on things and trust that we are being established. I might be disappointed at times. I might want things to go a lot faster and perhaps very soon they will be. They might go so fast that I will barely be able to keep up, and then I will beg God to slow things down. So, during this time of transitioning and growth, I just have to be patient. It has been a decade of amazing things with Summer Ray. I am looking forward to starting the next decade in 2020 and a new era for us. We will get to where we need to be! I believe!!!

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