Wow! This picture was taken a long time ago, maybe 7 years! This would have been year 2 of the Summer Ray adventure and I was still working on the first book. I love being able to go back and actually look and see where we started, to where we are today (December 16, 2017). It’s been quite the up hill battle, but we persevered!

I titled this blog, “The Polishing Stage” because I believe that is where we are right now. Polish is defined as, “to make smooth and glossy (to shine) usually by friction :  to smooth, soften, or refine in manners or condition.” When you polish something, it is usually the finishing touches to make something shine or stand out.  Which is precisely what I am working on now with the script. I am going over it word by word to make sure that it is as polished as it can be. Then, it will be ready to show to those who will be interested in investing, directing and producing. We want to sparkle, stand out and shine!


I have always believed that Summer Ray is a “stand out” story. It has remarkable qualities about it that some other stories are lacking. But that doesn’t mean the script can be unprofessional. It has to be as every bit of exeptional as the story itself. So, we are polishing, buffing and doing everything necessary to sparkle and be taken seriously!

It truly is an exciting time in our Summer Ray adventure!




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