Like Thomas Edison, we will not quit until we find what works and for us, it’s the right pitch and the right angle. We have tried year after year to no avail. But, here we are trying again. I am hopeful we have finally found what WILL work and what will show the true heart of the Summer Ray story – redemption. All of the other storylines are just added bonuses.

We are making a universal film, in which people from all walks of life can benefit from. We know we cannot reach every human on planet earth, but the more we can, we will. We live in a hurtful world. But we have to focus on the good; the healing; the loving; the light and the truth. Yet, sometimes for the greater good, it doesn’t always seem like things will work out. It is then, we have to hang on and not give up! Lost hope will be found if we can just believe.

I believe we will make this first film a smashing success and go on to finish the rest. I believe we will bring rays of sunlight into darkness and shine like stars in someone’s midnight.




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