I woke up this morning thinking only of the film and how we can start Production. In the past, for one reason or another the timing wasn’t right. The budget wasn’t done, or this and that wasn’t what  it needed to be. I look back on last year to where we are today and I am simply shocked at how far we have come and how much progress we have made. I have been diligent to get my skating to a level I will be proud of, when I have to film my scene with my coach. I have seen a few cast members also go from shy to absolutely amazing.

From what I saw at this last video shoot, we can film on an ultra low budget of $500,000 or less. I saw professionals come together with what little we had to work with. Our fake blood consisted of Dawn clear dishwashing liquid and red food coloring, add a few smoke and fog machines, we have a battle scene of dead and dying soldiers. Our hotel scene consisted of smeared mascara and a few bottles of medicine. I found a 1980’s phone that we used and it cost me 50 cents. But all these things worked and they worked well. We have the use of a huge dirt room at no cost to us. The Rotunda Building in Harrisburg that we plan to use for our ballroom scene is also free. I just have to pay for two security guards. The house in Pittsburgh that we plan to use for Summer’s 1980’s home is only $450 a day. We have all these things at our fingertips and we are just sitting on them. I saw our Producer Mr. Ed Mantell work his magic behind the camera and as a Director. He can be our Director and he would do an outstanding job at it, if he so chose to take on that role.

We are attached to a Fiscal Sponsor From the Heart Productions. Carole Dean has been helping me for years on this project. It is also where we found our leading man, Tom Malloy.  I plan to apply for the Spring grant. The following is a list of what we would get, if we win.

I also plan to learn as much as I can about editing. I am not a pro by any sense of the word. But, if I can learn the programs, I can maybe cut some of the editing costs. Our first fundraising campaign is for $50,000. I am thinking we can create this film for $500,000 or less. Which allows me to apply for many different grants. I believe in this project. I believe in those who are part of the cast and crew. I will believe in those who will be added as well.

I refuse to sit on the fence watching life pass us by. We can start Production any day now. We just need some start up funds to do it. If we can film some of the winter scenes this winter, we have started Production. We don’t have to have every scene filmed in one setting. I have to stop trying to think of the whole Production and just start taking it in pieces. Puzzles are put together one piece at a time. The puzzle of Pre-Production is finally finished. It is time to start on a new puzzle – The Puzzle of Production!



If you would like to donate to our film please click on the red button belowe. It will take you to our fundraising campaign; all donations are tax deductible via our Fiscal Sponsor From the Heart Productions. If you would like to help in other ways, or to become a part of our cast and crew, please feel free to contact me: – (you can fill out the contact sheet)



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