When you have been given a 2nd chance, it is important to go out and help do the same for others. This is partly why we are so passionate about this book and film series. The only thing holding us back from accomplishing that is the funds to do so. We believe it is forthcoming and why we refuse to give up. If we can just reach one soul; help heal one heart; dry if only one tear and give hope to a hopeless life, that “one” is worth the effort! Thank you for your support. We greatly appreciate it and so will the “one.”

If you would like to donate to our film, “This Fair and Blighted Land Part I” please click on the “Donate” button. It will take you to our Indiegogo fundraising campaign. Your generous donations whether $5.00 or $5,000 will be used to bring light to our hurting world. We truly are our “brother’s keeper.” We need to look out for each other as kindness matters!

 The donations are monitored by our Fiscal Sponsor Carole Dean of From the Heart Productions as well as our Treasurer, Carol Tarquinio.  All donations are tax deductible and we have really great “perks” too!  Thank you again and again.

God Bless,

Juliana Love

FTH Donate Button

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