Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming. Well…I am dreaming. I am just living it while I am awake. I am excited to see what the future holds for our film series. I am waiting in great expectation to see who will fill the opens roles we have. It is like putting a puzzle together and see it finally begin to take shape.

But there are times we try to force a puzzle piece to fit where it does not belong. We get impatient or sometimes we are just simply tired of looking for the real thing. It doesn’t work and it messes up the other pieces who are in their rightful place. With our first film, we have seen people come and go. Although it is always hard to see them leave, I know it is for the best. It opens up the door for the right people to walk through.

It truly is a new day for us as we cross over into Production.  We will continue to make progress and eventually we will end up in Post. Then it will be on to our first premiere. What a glorious night that will be. When I get discouraged, I always try to imagine our premiere. I am wearing a beautiful dress and my family is by my side. We are surrounded by everyone who made it possible. Then the lights go down and the film starts. Wow! It’s almost as if I am there now. But,  I don’t think I can really imagine just how amazing it will be. So until then, we will keep on keeping on until we get there.





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