Happy Happy New Year! I do love winter – for a brief period of time. Snow makes everything beautiful around the battlefields. But, I love spring and summer. But most of all, I love family beach time! I have had to pull back from Summer Ray due to health issues and just plain exhaustion. Yet! … More A NEW SUNRISE!


One thing about blogging, I can go back and re-read our journey. Time is so precious. We must take care of it. Ben Franklin stated, “Lost time can never be found again.” The few seconds it has taken me to write just two sentences, I can never get back. As we come to the close … More HIS COURSE!


  Wow! Just Wow! I have started the 3rd script and I am bursting with excitement. Tons of history and I am truly happy with how the story is playing out. I cannot say that it follows precisely the books. The books were written as an outline. They keep me on track. But, the scripts … More BACK TO HER ROOTS!


  The above picture is very profound. I think many Indie filmmakers feel like this at some point during the film-funding process – empty and alone! But, I cannot help but to think of Peter. In Luke 5:1-7 the Bible states: “One day as Jesus was standing by the Lake of Gennesaret, with the people … More WATER INTO WINE!


Wow! I have been pretty busy planting Summer Ray seeds – promoting the story by newsletters, brochures, emails, Facebook and other means. I am keeping up with making sure that we are a professional business as well. Burn out is not fun, added with impatience, it becomes a nightmare. We have to remember the farmers. … More TAKING ROOT!


Wow! It has been over a month since my last blog. Yikes! But, I have been very busy with Summer Ray and other author stuff too. Plus, skating has picked up on the training and I have been tired. But, back to it. I have been lacking in the marketing part of all of this. … More DO IT RIGHT!