When an award winning producer/director/actor tells me my script, “is good,” well into our 13th year of the project, I can only shout for joy! I actually hit rock bottom after the sudden death of my beloved twin brother, Mike. I was drowning in grief. I am still in shock, but starting to swim a … More WE ARE READY!


I recently came across an incredible article that stated: “You can call it a lot of things. A premise is the core belief system of the script and lifeblood of the story.” https://scriptmag.com/features/script-notes-where-story-begins-premise. “Premise is hypothesis. It is the story’s purpose for existing at all.” What is the, “why” in Summer Ray? Carole Dean (our Fiscal Sponsor) of From the Heart … More THE PURPOSE OF THE STORY!


The push is now to finish the 7th book. Summer Ray isn’t the only one who is rising from the ashes, but so is America. I have been making an outline to get some much needed ideas as to where the story needs to go. We head to Massachusetts to the Old North Church; across … More PRESERVATION!


I am working on finishing the 7th and final Summer Ray book in the series. It is kind of a happy and sad moment, like an end of an era. It will be just about 12 1/2 years of writing the book series and that is a long time. (To view the series, please click … More ITS PURPOSE!