A.C. Morgan

Antagonist – Woeburn

I have known of the story of Summer Ray for several years. Juliana has portrayed me many times as various characters in her videos and photos as well as. I am also the Civil War Union officer on the 3rd book cover, “Her Yankee Heart.”

I have worked on a mixture of historical films and documentaries, such as God’s and Generals, Fields of Freedom and Racing the Times, to name a few. I am a French & Indian and Old West reenactor as well. I did not know that all my time spent with Juliana on different sets, that she was noticing and studying my leadership and creative skills, as well as my authoritative attributes. When she first approached me about being her “director,” I suggested she find someone more experienced. I was initially happy just being the antagonist, Woeburn!

Yet, she persisted. Throughout the course of this project, many people have come in and have tried to change the story to meet their agendas. My only agenda is to see Juliana’s passion come to life on the big screen. As a revisionist on the script, the vision is crystal clear; the story lines with all the plots, themes and backstories are compelling and captivating; the characters are so vividly real that I can physically see them as if I am watching the film in my mind. I can feel their emotions and envision their lives as if they were real people. But this has also happened to so many who have read the Summer Ray books. They too, feel as if they have jumped inside them and have become part of the story.


“Summer Ray This Fair and Blighted Land,” is now one of my favorite books. If you love history, romance angels and demons, you will love this book. I for one, love it. So detailed, you will feel like you are in the book. It’s sad, and hopeful at the same time. You will be on the edge of your chair while reading, to see what comes next. You would want to stay up till midnight trying to get to the end too see what happens. Summer Ray will have you relate to her in some type of way that you will understand; if that is the romance or even if it’s the sad and hopeless parts. You will feel as if her emotions are your emotions in every chapter. You will know what Gettysburg is really about in this book. Thank you, Juliana for giving us a book as amazing as this one!” Tiffany G.

It is this type of interaction and emotional connection that we intend to bring to the screen. Juliana’s mission for this project is to bring light, and to be able to do that and also entertain our audiences at the same time, is truly rewarding. It is my job to bring out the best in the actors’ abilities; some of which is seen on the Proof of Concept video (  This is precisely what a good director does, and I was directing, without even realizing it.

Juliana has been working on this project for over thirteen years. She sees in me, what I see in others and that is potential. I know she would not hand over years of hard work to just anybody. Trust, at times, is more important than background. The pilot will be a collaborative journey of many different artists, consultants, and crew members. As a musician, I also understand the need to harmonize well within the structure of a team. A note out of place will ruin the melody. I am not a one man show. There will be special effects teams, pyrotechnics, wardrobe, make-up etc. Where the battle scenes are concerned, we will also have experts in weaponry on and off the field, for extra safety precautions.

It was my love for history that first led me to this project. It is the possibilities that come with it that have hooked me. To see how this story has expanded and to be able to share it with the world is thrilling. I will be in front of and behind the scenes and I, like so many, am ready to see this vision come to life on screen. The two-hour full feature pilot will have a theater release. There is a unique reason for this, and it is called, “surround sound.” We want to make sure the rising of the Unknown Soldiers will be an exceptionally mind-blowing experience…with the operative word being… experience. This is our goal: to bring the best possible film to a worldwide audience and with Summer Ray already being global, we know we will be able to do just that!